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Before you proceed, you can take a look at our past Derbies over the
years. It will give you an insight on how the Derby has grown, evolved and
what it's all about!

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FishCrazy Derby Survey
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1. Were you ever signed up for the Derby?
2. Is having A Boat as the 1st place prize an incentive for you to Sign Up?
3. Would you sign up for the Derby if ALL PRIZES would be SUBSTANTIAL
CASH payouts ONLY?
4. Do you prefer FEWER but larger payouts or MORE payouts to more
Contestants, including Weeklies and Random Payouts (IE. # 24 and # 33)?
Fewer Payouts
More Payouts
5. What would be your ideal payout depth. Considering number of Contestants
are in the Thousands?
1 - 5 Payouts
1 - 10 Payouts
1 - 15 Payouts
1 - 20 Payouts
20+ Payouts
6. What would you like best; an earlier Derby April-May. A later Derby May-June
Earlier Derby; April-May
Later Derby; May-June
7. Do you like the Derby Kids Division we started in 2017
8. Do you agree for all minors to be entered in The Kids Division as well as the
Overall Division, where the Kid Angler can win both 1st Place in the Kids
Division and 1st Place in the Overall Division.
9. Do you agree for the Kids Division to be separate from the Overall Division?
Separate Standings, Separate Payouts.
10. What would you suggest as the Age Bracket for a Separate Kids Division?

NOTE: All minors younger then the age bracket Cannot register for the derby
but will be allowed on the boat as Observers ONLY! No extra rods can be
run on their behalf, and no extra fish for the daily limit. They can real in
fish, but their fish does not count for the Derby!

NOTE: All minors older then the Age Bracket can register for the derby and will
be entered in the Overall Division ONLY!
5 to 10 Years Old
7 to 12 years Old
11. Do you prefer one central weigh-in station or multiple weigh-in stations?

NOTE: The Derby uses multiple weigh-in Stations throughout the region for
your convenience and accessibility.
One weigh-in station
Multiple weigh-in stations
* Required
12. How did you hear about the FishCrazy Lake Erie Walleye Derby?
* Required
13. What things are most important to you in joining FishCrazy Derby?
14. Do you plan on joining the Derby in 2020?
Join the Derby in 2020
Not joining the Derby in 2020.
* Required if not joining
If Not please tell us why.
* Required
15. Box bellow for additional comments, questions and suggestion.